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.  Boston Butoh Collective Artists
We are part of the Boston Butoh Collective, a group dedicated to the study and practice of butoh. The group met and formed in April 2016 through a weekly ongoing community butoh class taught by Ellen Godena/Sara June at the Studio @550 in Cambridge MA. The BBC have presented works throughout Boston and New England in a variety of settings including public parks, on stage, and at outdoor festivals. Artists: I. Ira Gorodetskaya is a movement artist whose background includes butoh, physical theater, contact improvisation, capoeira, gymnastics, and yoga. A recent focus in her works is exploration of the concept of normalcy and of the boundaries of conforming behavior. She receives training from butoh artist Sara June and had the opportunity to study with several Japanese and international butoh artists. Some of them are Eri Chian, Ken Mai, Yuko Kaseki, Julie Becton Gillum, Tebby W.T. Ramasike and Natalia Cuellar & Raimundo Estay. Ira choreographed and performed a solo butoh piece in the 2019 Boston Butoh Festival, and also performed in a group butoh piece "Dancing Fragments of Ocean" (choreographed by Sara June) in Boston in June 2018. II. M. Kai is an emerging movement artist who has been training in butoh over the past year. Her movement draws from an athletic past of swimming, figure skating, hockey, and rugby. Some more recent influences include physical theater, qigong, climbing, roller dance, and meditation. In her daily life she thinks a lot about hydrology, chemicals in the environment, insects and other detritivores, as well as more traditionally human things like people and their interactions with themselves, without themselves, and with each other. These are the thoughts that typically get embodied in her movement art. She trains with butoh artist Sara June and has studied with artists including Yuko Kaseki, Diego Borges, Tyler Catanella, and Mary Wanamaker. Recent performances include an improv piece wearing a sculpture by Katya Popova and a group piece with the company Paradise Moves. She is also frequently seen roller dancing throughout the Boston area. III. Vivi Filitovich is an artist currently based in Boston. For the past two years he has been training in butoh guided by Sara June. Also Vivi is part of Karakatitsa Movement Collective and Utrovortu art collaboration. Vivi's background is in modern dance and physical theater.
Affiliation: Boston Butoh Collective
Web Site: www.bostonbutohfestival.com/artists
E-mail: ircusg@gmail.com