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Hedwige  Louis
Hedwige J. Louis founded Noche Latina Dance Company (NLDC) in the Boston area in 2005. Hedwige began his dancing career studying Ballroom dance in Haiti. In 1998, he relocated to the United States and became involved in the Latin dance scene in Boston, MA. He then transformed his International Ballroom dance style into his own unique Latin club style. Hedwige teaches a variety of dances including: LA Style Salsa (On 1), NY Style Salsa (On 2), Cha-cha, Rumba, Bachata, Merengue, Tango, Cumbia, Konpa, and Kizomba. In addition to teaching, Hedwige specializes in choreography for couples and teams of all levels. Since 2005, NLDC has taught and performed Latin dance internationally and throughout the United States. The Company is known for running the longest salsa dance party in the Boston area for more than 12 years and the longest running Creole Addiction night (Kizomba, Konpa, Zouk) for 7 years, both at Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge, MA. Hedwige and NLDC have participated in charity events, including: FATEM Dinner and Conference, fundraisers for Dana Farber and the Brookline Health Community, Denim and Diamond's Gala to benefit the Greater Boston Wellness Community, and various other fundraisers for Puerto Rico and Haiti. He has also participated in a variety of organizations, teaching or performing at: Latino Law Enforcement Group of Boston (LLEGO), Boston University, Harvard University, City of Somerville, and other student organizations. The NLDC Staff is made up of Instructors who are passionate about dance and provide a fun and friendly learning experience for all levels of students. Our NLDC Staff will help you take your dancing to the next level whether you are looking to improve your social dancing, learn to dance for a special event, or to perform as a member of one of NLDC's Dance Teams! NLDC Staff also coordinate Dance Teams, plan events, and have important roles in the daily functions of NLDC. We are proud of our family of NLDC Staff!

Hedwidge's Classes & Events:
Salsa Dance (WD107)
Latina Tuesdays (EV027)

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Affiliation: Noche Latina Dance Company (NLDC)
Web Site: www.NocheLatinaDanceCompany.com
E-mail: Info@NocheLatinaDanceCompany.com
Phone: 8579283616