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Circe  Rowan
Circe Rowan is a Boston-based multi-modal artist, working in film, stage, textiles, and the written word. In addition to acting with Breaking Light Productions, the originator of the Mrs. Hawking series of serialized stage shows, she has designed props and costumes for the Post-Meridian Radio Players, Arlington Friends of the Drama, and Papa Sy. Her dance credits include performing with groups such as FreEmotion/LibreEmocion and Yosi Karahashi Flamenco, as well as guest appearances in shows for Peter di Muro's Public Displays of Motion, LadyBOS Productions, and NACHMO Boston. She is the creator and artistic director of Found Objects (foundobjects.dance), a dance/circus arts company dedicated to exploring the movement potential of everyday things.
Affiliation: Found Objects Dance
Web Site: foundobjects.dance
E-mail: foundobjectsdance@gmail.com
Phone: 8576001714