Faculty Biography & Contact Info

Alex (B-Boy El Nino)  Diaz

Bboy El Niño is 29 years old and has been breakin' (Breakdancing) since the tender age of 6. He was born and raised in Boston and still resides there. El Niño has performed in shows with famous artists such as Missy Elliot, LL cool J, 50 cent, Busta Rhymes and many more. El Niño also competes all over the world with his groups, "Floor Lords", "Boogie Brats" and "Squadron". He has also appeared in the movie "Step Up 3D" and recently got a main role in a national "Airheads Candy" Commercial. He is a staple in the bboy community, judging events and teaching workshops all over the world. El Niño is actively still winning competitions worldwide, including most recently 2016 "Freestyle Session Undisputed" champion and 2017 "Battle In Shanghai" Champion.

Alex's Classes:
Floor Lords Breakin' Class (CD184)
Private Breakin' & Hip Hop Lessons (PR032)

Alex's Social Media Pages:
Instagram (Floor Lords)
Affiliation: The Floor Lords
Web Site: www.FloorLords.org
E-mail: ADiazFLC@gmail.com
Phone: 8574882888