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Dan  Marshall
Dan Marshall was born in Jerusalem to French-Moroccan & Latvian/Lithuanian-American parents. Combining his mechanical & electrical engineering degrees and dance education, and his experience in community projects and the arts, Dan works as a media production, engineering, non-profit development, finance, and commercial/arts/mixed-use redevelopment consultant, and volunteers as a synagogue cantor & with seniors. He serves as the Executive Artistic Director of the Brookline/Cambridge Community Center for the Arts (BCCA / CCCA - www.BCCAonline.org & www.CCCAonline.org) and his part-time dance company FreEMotion/LibrEMoción Repertory Company (www.FreEMotion-LibrEMocion.org), and is the leader of a community real estate development group, working to provide affordable housing to all income levels, and to create permanent arts facilities and maker spaces, in conjunction with his non-profit. Dan heads the development of BCCA's ground-breaking education web and institution, artist, educator, and student management software and website technology, for artist gainful employment and student reach.
A life-long student, performer, choreographer, and teacher of styles and fusions of Jazz, Funk, Latin, Hip Hop, Classical Ballroom, Ballet, Modern, and World/Folkloric/Ethnic dance, and Martial Arts, Dan has produced, directed, choreographed, and performed in many theatre, film, TV, commercial, and musical productions, taught for 5 years for the Performing Arts Division of UMass Amherst, and is a member of SAG-AFTRA. His choreography & dance credits include: Favorite Israeli Waltzes choreography, dancing, and partial musical arrangement for Amherst Ballet Theatre Company with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra; Café Latino premiere with his Latin-Jazz FreEMotion/LibreEMoción Repertory Company in collaboration with acclaimed artists from Tango Fever & OPED/Tango Mundo, in the styles of Salsa, Mambo, Bachata, Bolero, Cha Cha Cha, Jazz, & Argentine Tango, fused with live music & poetry; Original choreography (in collaboration with his wife Shira Price) for Acton (Theatre III), Cambridge (MIT Theatre Guild), and Colorado productions of Fiddler on the Roof, mixing authentic Jewish/Chassidic, Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish, Romanian, and Ballet genres of dance; Vintage recreations & choreography in the styles of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers for Basically Broadway; The role of Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire with The Milton Players; Original Viennese & Folkloric Waltz choreography for Arlington Friends of the Drama's A Little Night Music (in collaboration Shira Price); Folkloric Waltz choreography & dancing (in collaboration with Shira Price) for Disney's feature film The Finest Hours; Polka choreography & dancing for Netflix's feature film The Polka King; Funk, Freestyle, & Ballroom Fusion choreography for Netflix's TV show The Society (in collaboration with Shira Price); Michael Jackson & Latin dance choreography & dancing for Justin Dean's MJ DejaVu productions; Strange Tea Modern, Jazz, partner, & Tap fusion co-choreography, dancing, singing, & poetry recital, with Jenny Herzog & Chavi Bansal for Catalyst at The Dance Complex; Hora (traditional Jewish/Israeli) choreography, singing, & dancing, & Ballroom dancing for HBO's The Plot Against America.
Dan's 32-year diverse martial arts training extends from traditional and modern styles of Chinese Kung Fu (Wu Shu) - Nam Pai Shaolin, Ba Ji Chuan, Pi Qua, Praying Mantis, Hua Mountain Style, Tai Chi, Hung Gar, Eagle Claw, Northern (Long) Fist (Chang Chuan), Southern Fist (Nan Chuan), and Long (Bow) Staff, Spear, and Double Broadsword Wu Shu weapons forms and applications - to Japanese Judo and Karate. Dan has taught Kung Fu and Cardio Kickboxing to all ages since 1993. In 1998 he joined the Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute, and studied, taught, and competed under the guidance of Sifu Yao Li, earning multiple national and local titles. Dan has enjoyed the great synergy between martial arts and dance, which has drawn him closer to the modern Chinese Kung Fu art of Wu Shu, and has provided for great roles as a stunt actor in film, TV, and commercials.
Dan has been producing for about 30 years in arts and entertainment, has produced, co-produced, and/or directed over 1,000 live events and shows and 11 independent films and TV projects, has appeared in various roles in over 100 major motion pictures and TV shows, and has worked in many different capacities in Film and TV, including executive producer, producer, financier, development director, editor, special effects artist, director, choreographer, director of photography, videographer, costume designer, set designer, writer, artistic director, actor, dancer, singer, musician, line producer, audio engineer, boom operator, lighting assistant, production assistant, stuntman, stunt choreographer and coordinator, wardrobe manager, etc. He greatly enjoys the diversity and challenges of the entertainment industry, and has a strong track record of delivering on challenging productions, and keeping calm, composed, and focused, during high pressure situations, and under tight budgets and deadlines, while keeping the work environment positive, and preserving the vision of each project. As a SAG-AFTRA union member since 2007, Dan has served on the SAG-AFTRA board (newly elected), the National Dancers Committee (4 years), the National Stunt Committee (2 years), on the W&W caucus, and most recently on the New England Safety & Organizing Committees. Earlier this year, he led a well-attended union conservatory on dancing and movement for actors.

Dan's Classes & Events:
FreEMotion Tuesdays - Latin & Ballroom (EV028)
Latin & Ballroom Footwork & Body Movement (WD114)

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Affiliation: FreEMotion/LibrEMoción Rep. Co. & BCCA/CCCA
Web Site: www.FreEMotion-LibrEMocion.org
E-mail: dan.yonah.marshall@gmail.com
Phone: 6176421444