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Call for Support at/of Upcoming Entertainment License Hearing
  A non-profit arts center & educational facility dedicated to promoting the arts! Apr. 23, 2004  

Join Us for Some of these Great Upcoming Events!

Join Us for Some of these Great Upcoming Events!

If you have yet to experience the excitement, culture, and family/community environment of a BCCA event, we hope you can join us for one of April's great offerings, including a Kung Fu Competition, Tap Jam, Funk Fest & Workshops, Salsa & Samba Evenings, African dancing, drumming & market, Jazz, Folk, & Rock Concerts, and more... These special events are added to our regular list of events, which is posted on our front page at

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   Dear Friends of the Arts,

During its first year of operation BCCA has hosted, created, and facilitated the creation of a great variety of events, workshops and performances for local and visiting people of all backgrounds and ages. It has been warmly welcomed and embraced by the arts community, who has long awaited the creation of an organization of its kind in the central location of Brookline within the Greater Boston area. BCCA and its staff, instructors, and collaborators have enjoyed the privilege extended to it by the town of Brookline and its residents, and are thankful for it and for the great response and attendance at our events and classes. It has been a memorable and rewarding experience and we look forward to a fruitful future.

In order to continue providing entertainment other than classes, the Town of Brookline would like us to attain a formal "Entertainment license (Dance, Martial Arts, Health, Fitness, Music and the Arts) at 14 Green Street, with operating hours of Sunday-Saturday 5PM-2AM." To this end, they have reviewed our case and have now summoned us for a public hearing/meeting to be held on

Tuesday, April 27th, 2004
at approximately 8:40 p.m.
in the Selectmen's Hearing Room
6th Floor, Town Hall
333 Washington Street
Brookline, MA

We would like to invite you to attend the hearing, and need your support as community members who value and benefit from our offerings, and/or would greatly appreciate if you could write a letter of support/feedback. BCCA relies on your input to direct and improve its offerings and better meet your desires, artistic, and community/cultural goals.

To that effect, we will be holding a pre-hearing meeting today, Friday, April 23rd, at 1 p.m., at the BCCA, 14 Green Street, Brookline. During that meeting we plan to discuss any feedback (negative/positive), current undertakings and future plans, in hopes that we can secure the Entertainment license, and continue delivering quality events.

BCCA events constitute a third of the revenue that is vital to the BCCA's existence. Our 170+ classes (as well as rehearsal space rentals) make up the rest of our earnings. Your support is greatly valued and needed, and we hope you can join us in support at this critical juncture.

Please send feedback and/or letters of support to my attention at, or mail/deliver them to BCCA by Tuesday, April 27th. I may be reached directly at (617) 970-1444.

Best regards and many thanks,

Dan Yonah Marshall
Artistic Director & Co-Founder

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