TD019 - Rosalita's Puppets Presents: Be a Puppeteer Workshop Series [Online]

with Charlotte Anne Dore ( Rosalita's Puppets )

Rosalita's Puppets Presents:
Be a Puppeteer Workshop Series

A Virtual Kids & Family Creative Experience
By Charlotte Anne Dore of Rosalita's Puppets


Sundays, November 22nd & 29th, & December 6th
12:15-1:15pm EST US
Zoom "Doors" Open at 12:10pm


Interactive Online Session via Zoom


Kids Ages 3 to 6 with Adult Supervision

Cost per Screen/Family

Pre-Register for 3-Workshop Session: $45 ($15/Workshop)
Drop-In (to Any Workshop): $18/Workshop
Admission covers 1 to 3 kids on 1 Zoom screen, with adult supervision (Register Online Below)


In this series of 3 puppet workshops, participants will learn about how to make and perform with puppets. Workshop 1: Imagine... In this workshop each student will meet a variety of puppets and see them in action on Zoom. They will then be guided through the process of choosing and planning and imagining a puppet through drawing, discussion, and play. Workshop 2: Build... Step by step live instruction over Zoom in building a puppet for the age level and ability of the participants, using affordable and easily accessed materials. Workshop 3: Perform... Step by step instruction about performing and storytelling, and the opportunity to work via Zoom with the other students in the class, to create a fun puppet skit. Each workshop session runs an hour. Pay for all 3 sessions in advance and save, or drop into the sessions you can attend.

Pre-Register Anytime

If you Drop-In to the first workshop of a session, you can register for the remainder of the session prior to the 2nd workshop, by calling Dan (CCCA) at (617) 642-1444, and you'll pay the remainder of the Pre-Registration rate (Example: $45 - $18 = $27).

Private Groups Sessions with Rosalita's Puppets

Schools and classrooms, home school and learning pods, can approach the CCCA (at 617-642-1444 or about scheduling their own series, specifically designed for them.

Artist Biography

Charlotte Anne Dore Rosalita's Puppets

Rosalita's Puppets is a touring puppet company based in Somerville MA. It was established in 1993 by actor/puppeteer Charlotte Anne Dore, who received a BA in Creative Arts from Nottingham Trent University in the UK. Charlotte builds the puppets, sets, and costumes, and also performs in the shows and creates original, inventive, and interactive presentations, delighting audiences of all ages. She presents one of a kind puppet shows using live sound rather than a recorded soundtrack, which allows for improvisation and adaptation, making no two shows the same. Each show is influenced by the audience's responses to questions, and encourages creative thinking and empowerment.

Charlotte & Rosalita's Puppets' Sites & Contact Info

Website, Instagram, Facebook, E-Mail, & (617) 633-2832

Virtual/Remote Learning

Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation, we have jump-started our online platform. We hope you can take advantage of this new feature — it's still in development, but we'll keep improving with your feedback! COVID-19 has affected all of our lives, including our ability to work. In order to support arts instructors working tirelessly to bring virtual classes to you, and to keep classes financially feasible for all participants, we are offering this special interactive workshop series at a family rate of $15/workshop for those who Pre-Register for the 3-workshop session, and at $18/workshop for Drop-Ins, which includes up to 3 kids with adult/older sibling supervision on 1 Zoom/computer screen (registration below). Your contribution will help towards sustaining our non-profit organization during these difficult times and increasing our cultural offerings!

How to Join this Workshop

Register before the workshop begins, making sure to include your correct E-Mail. (Registering at least a day early is encouraged & appreciated.) Upon completing your registration payment, you will automatically receive 2 E-Mails (from, one with the payment receipt, and one with detailed participation notes & the Zoom info (we appreciate you not sharing the link). If you don't see these confirmation E-Mails within 1 to 2 minutes, please check your spam folder, or call us (617) 642-1444 for tech support, and we'll make sure you're all set! To help ensure a good experience for all participants, we will "open the Zoom doors" at 12:10 p.m. to verify everyone's settings, explain the interactive flow, and welcome you, and will "close the Zoom doors" at 12:20 p.m. So join up to 5 minutes early, and get ready for a creative and fun experience from wherever you are!

Official Rules & Tips for Zoom Workshops

  • Phone users should make sure the Zoom App is downloaded prior to clicking the Zoom ID link.
  • Computer users can simply click on the Zoom link to initiate a quick installation, and join the session.
  • Upon joining the session, please rename yourself to list the 1 to 3 kids participating on your screen (example: Jade, Tom, Lisa).
  • When not speaking, please mute yourself, and then un-mute when each kid in your family/screen is called upon by Charlotte, our host, or if they have a question or comment.
  • Please keep all visual and auditory sharing during the workshop family-friendly, and refrain from taking photos or recording video of the workshop.
  • Due to the kid-focused interactive nature of this workshop, the sessions will not be recorded.
Category Theater & Drama
Class Level All Levels
Class Type Session
Age Type Kids
Age Range 3 to 6

Registration Info

Select 1 of these online/remote workshop registration options from the pull-down menu below to register and make your contribution:
  • Pre-Register for 3-Workshop Session: $45 ($15/Workshop)
  • Drop-In (to Any Workshop): $18/Workshop
If you Drop-In to the first workshop of a session, you can register for the remainder of the session prior to the 2nd workshop, by calling Dan (CCCA) at (617) 642-1444, and you'll pay the remainder of the Pre-Registration rate (Example: $45 - $18 = $27). If you have a BCCA/CCCA Class Pass, E-Mail us to use your credit.
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  • Registration Info: or (617) 642-1444

Available Sessions:
12:00 am 12:00 am