CD192 - TRINITY: The Dance-Tantric-Shamanic Rhythm Ride (R) [Online]

with Margaux Skalecki ( Being Seen Being Heard )
Next Monthly Session: Saturday, March 20th, 2021

TRINITY: The Dance-Tantric-Shamanic Rhythm Ride ®

A Virtual Workshop/Gathering
Facilitated by Margaux Skalecki


Saturday, March 20th, 2021, 11:00am-1:00pm EST US
(Past Dates: June 20, July 25, Aug. 29, Sept. 26, Oct. 24, Dec. 19, 2020)


Interactive Online Session via Zoom


Sliding Scale $10, $15, or $20
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TRINITY: The Dance-Tantric-Shamanic Rhythm Ride, embodies the ancient practices which have guided humans for centuries into the medicine of deeper knowledge of inspiration, healing, transformation, and crucial information from the unseen worlds.  No matter where we are or where we come from, we are being called to travel on these ancient paths and maps, that support us in finding our own truth and speaking it out loud, for the betterment of our whole universe. Within the TRINITY, we are guided to return to the higher frequency of love that is always present. We move and connect with ourselves and each other to transform the stuck and stagnant energy in our inner and outer thoughts, and return to our natural state as light Beings. When we gather and breathe into these ancient practices, we move and expand into a higher vibration of harmony and wholeness. Together, we give ourselves permission to venture into places that we have always been a part of, and step into the conscious community of curiosity and possibilities. Expect the unexpected. All levels of experience welcome!

Workshop/Gathering Components

Our Trinity: Connection and reverence to self and others, and to the ancient practices that our ancestors have gifted us Dance: The musical WAVE of Sweat Your Prayers ® (of The 5Rhythms ®). Guest DJs will also bring their own medicine bag filled with ecstatic and meditative grooves. Tantric: The circle of conscious communication and connection Shamanic: Journeying with our intuitive self and with our spirit guides, and checking in with our day dreams to see if they support or hinder us Wear comfortable clothing to move in.
Have a journal and water.
Bring you rattles and drums if you wish.
And mostly, bring your curiosity and trust of other realms.


"Margaux, I can't help think that I am having more visits due to your events sensitizing the environment around me, making it more receptive and magnetic to otherworldly visits. It is impossible for me not to be moved and affected by this work. It helps foster a shift in our awareness and the energy we project and receive. I am grateful for all your dedication to this practice." - Eric B. "Margaux, there is clearly no limit to your imagination. You may be the arc angel of belief." - Webb "An amazing class, this was my first 'journey' like that and it was powerful. Thank you to Medicine Dancer." - Dance New England Dance Camp Attendee "TRINITY allows us to drop in to our guidance and our true nature, and share that authentically with others." - Doug S. "I was feeling a little out of sorts when I jumped on the online event TRINITY, but by the end I felt light and fluffy all over. The group shares and Margaux's in-tuned and channeling energy flow were definitely a big part of that transformational journey. Margaux's calm and gentle voice richly and gently guided us along the path allowing each of us to drop in at our own pace. Margaux's voice has a lovely way that guided us to see and be a part of the visual environment and deeper worlds of TRINITY. Both Dan (the technical facilitator) and Margaux are very professional in their demeanor. Deep gratitude to them for providing the seeds and nourishment for a community to thrive in love, acceptance, and awareness in body, mind, and spirit! Aho!" - Marc I.

Artist Biographies

Margaux A. Skalecki Medicine Dancer

Margaux A. Skalecki, earned her BFA in Dance at the Boston Conservatory and her Masters in Expressive Therapies at Lesley University. A Reiki Master, commissioned healer, animal communicator, and shamanic journey facilitator, Margaux offers ceremonies and workshops for healing, awakening, reclamation, and liberation. She birthed TRINITY: The Dance-Tantra-Shamanic Practice ®, as an offering to explore the ancient ways of understanding the depth and breadth of who we really are. We are a deeper intelligence with unprecedented possibilities of co-creation in conscious and loving connection for all Beings. An ecstatic, teacher, and flame keeper of The 5Rhythms Movement Practice ®, Margaux offers Sweat Your Prayers ®, Waves ®, and Heartbeat ® workshops nationally. As a member of the #METOO movement, Margaux has always been an advocate for healing and respect for all genders. The workshop "Pathways to Understanding and Harmony for Men and Women" was birthed forward because our communities still request outlets to commune together to listen deeply, share truthfully, and acknowledge the power of what was, what is, and what can be. Margaux is the director of Being Seen Being Heard ®, an intergenerational and people with different abilities theater arts performance company. The ensemble builds bridges of connection for the emergence of playful and profound possibilities of performance. For decades, Margaux has shared her high vibration, ceremonies, and trust in the divine, in everything she does. Her mission is to exquisitely support and encourage everyone to be seen and heard in the dance, in the song, in the journeys of connection, and the understanding of life in the seen and unseen realities.

Margaux's Sites & Contact Info

Website, Facebook, E-Mail, & (857) 544-3583
DJ Nataraj (Featured June 20th & August 29th)

DJ Nataraj (Doug Shire) is from Ithaca, New York and provides music for conscious dance events regionally and at festivals such as Burning Man and related events. He is also the founder in 2013 of Dance Church Ithaca, a weekly free-movement expression event currently held online via Zoom. His uplifting dance DJ sets often incorporate live music accompaniments to enhance and deepen the experience, and he looks forward to helping facilitate this workshop/gathering!

DJ Nataraj's Sites & Contact Info

Website, Facebook, E-Mail, & Dance Church Ithaca Promo
Kierra Foster-Ba (Featured July 25th)

Kierra Foster-Ba has studied the 5Rhythms ® with Gabrielle Roth, the founder, for 15+ years. Kierra appears in Gabrielle's Power Wave video, the documentary "Dances of Ecstasy," and the conscious dance documentary, "Leave Your Shoes at the Door." She also dances with PURE (Public Urban Ritual Experiment) an international organization of artists devoted to using belly dance to promote peace and end suffering. Kierra has been offering 5Rhythms® classes in New York City since 2008 and expanding her offerings to include Femme! a movement practice to live drumming. She offers workshops throughout the world including Europe, Latin America, Asia, and across the US.

Kierra's Sites & Contact Info

Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, E-Mail, YouTube,
& (917) 848-9849
Cassie Brizzi (Featured July 25th)

As and  embodied artist and the creator of CooperativeBody, Cassandra served as a central community builder and generator, expanding the outreach of conscious dance throughout the South East. For 10 years she inspired others by bringing many movement modalities to Asheville, NC. She also traveled extensively around the US and Europe to study 5Rhythms ®, Azul Conscious Dance and Open Floor, Soul Motion and Dance Meditation. To expand and embrace all these forms to find the richness within them all. Her desire for diversity in her movement practices stemmed from her earlier work with children, aiding them in navigating issues of diversity and division through somatic experience to heighten understanding. This experience later led her to apprentice with Golden Bridge in Boulder, CO. This global youth rites of passage inspired her to evolve with dialogues regarding race relations, gender equality and social justice and it's impact on our collective embodiment. As a global society we are meeting our biggest challenges at this time and the common theme is how do integrate all the questions through the body to help us navigating change and bring healing. Cassandra is currently stirring things up in the North East and a (zoom room room near you) sharing her wisdom and unique sense of humor through her embodiment offering Body Oracle.

Cassie's Sites & Contact Info

Website, Facebook (Personal), Facebook (Body Oracle Dance),
& E-Mail

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Saturday, March 20th 2021
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