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"Boston Area Artists for VAWA - The Show"
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October 2012

Show #1: Saturday, October 13th, 2PM, Outdoors, Boston City Hall Plaza Stage (weather permitting)
Show #2: Saturday, October 20th, 2PM, Coolidge Corner Branch Libraryís Concert Room in Brookline
Show #3 Saturdays, October 27th, 2PM, Blackstone Community Centerís Auditorium in Bostonís South End
Donations & Reservations:
§ 30% donations plus any profit after paying for advocacy show costs go directly to and split evenly between Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC) & Casa Myrna (domestic violence services organization for Boston Area and operator of the Massachusetts statewide domestic violence hotline, Safelink).
§ All shows are open to the public and with suggested donation.
§ You may make donations online (see section below), by mail (see bullet below), or at the door at the October 27th show. Reservations for the October 27th show can be made here by making an online donation.
§ Donations by Mail: Print & complete this form, and send it along with your check to Brookline Community Center for the Arts, Inc., 327 Saint Paul Street Apt 2, Brookline, MA, 02446
(Please print & bring your purchase receipt
to the event.)

§ We accept cash, checks, and all major forms of credit & debit cards, including (Please email us at if you are having trouble paying online).

 "Boston Area Artists for VAWA - The Show" - October 13th 2:00 p.m. At Boston City Hall Plaza (Suggested Donation)

$20 General  $10 Student/BDA  $5 Senior (55+)

 "Boston Area Artists for VAWA - The Show" - October 20th 2:00 p.m. At Coolidge Corner Branch Library (Suggested Donation)

$20 General  $10 Student/BDA  $5 Senior (55+)

 "Boston Area Artists for VAWA - The Show" - October 27th 2:00 p.m. At Blackstone Community Center (Reservation)

$20 General  $10 Student/BDA  $5 Senior (55+)

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(towards our advocacy & fundraising shows (nonprofit shows) and towards Boston area victim services organizations (30% plus any additional profit left after covering show costs))

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§  Show Program & Resource Packet (PDF document for those who missed the show)
§  YouTube Show Excerpt - White Ribbon Dance
§  YouTube Advocacy Video - Boston Area Artists for VAWA
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Concert Information

Brookline/Greater Boston Community Center for the Arts, Inc.

Boston Area Artists for VAWA, The Show

Dance, Music, Spoken Word, & Fashion in Support of Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, & Stalking, their Legal Protection through VAWA Ė The Violence Against Women Act & Boston Area Victims Services Organizations.

3 Shows at 3 Locations:

Show #1: SATURDAY OCTOBER 13th 2:00 PM
Boston City Hall Plaza Stage
near Government Center T-Stop

Show #2: SATURDAY OCTOBER 20th 2:00 PM
Brookline Coolidge Corner Branch Library
Concert Room
31 Pleasant Street, Brookline

with fundraising Dessert Bake Sale before and after show!
Blackstone Community Center Auditorium
Bostonís South End
50 West Brookline Street, Boston
(between Washington St. & Shawmut Ave.)
Car: Onsite Parking, enter Blackstone Lot thru Washington St.
Public Transit: MBTA 12 min. walk from Back Bay Station; within 5 min. walk from several bus stations (1, 8, 10, 43, 47, SL4, ...)

3 Interwoven goals:

(1) Bringing great Boston-based arts to Boston area audiences, specifically using art to express support for victims of domestic violence, rape, and stalking. Artists include: Choreography by internationally renowned Rebecca Rice and debut Yael Marshall; Music by accomplished composer & musician Martin Case as well as arranger & musician Dario Ghersi; Dancer Yael Marshall; Kimís Fashion Design; professional dessert baker Catherine Deutsch.

(2) Advocating for specific legal protections for victims and educating audiences about the history of VAWA (the Violence Against Women Act) and how to influence the current Congressional debates on VAWA. VAWA is crucial legislation for victims of domestic violence, rape, and stalking in effect since 1994, reauthorized with bipartisan support in 2000 & 2005. In 2012, however, VAWA has been put on a path to imminent legislative and funding expiration unless Congress reauthorizes it immediately!

(3) Fundraising for rape and domestic violence victims services in Boston area, specifically BARCC (Boston Area Rape Crisis Center) and Casa Myrna (Boston area domestic violence services as well as operator of the MA Statewide Domestic Violence Hotline called Safelink). Representatives of BARCC & Casa Myrna will be available before and after show to answer individual questions.

Artist Biographies

Yael Marshall

§  Martin Case
§  Rebecca Rice
§  Dario Ghersi
§  Set & Props Design
§  Kim Pham of Kimís Fashion Design

Yael Marshall
(Producer, Choreographer, Dancer, Spoken Word Artist)

Yaelís main professional dance experience has been as a member of Bostonís Rebecca Rice Dance from 2002-2005 and as a dancer, improviser, and soloist for Brian Pelletierís choreography and structured improvisation Cambridge shows 1998-2000. Her most valued dance and choreography mentors and teachers include Idy Codington, Melissa ďBuffyĒ Wells, Brian Pelletier, Lynn Modell, Christien Polos, Kathleen Chapin-Exar, Cheri Opperman, Rebecca Rice, Tommy DeFrantz, Ilana Suprun-Clyde, and most recently Claire Bletz. Her main career these days is in science research, specifically the intersection of mathematical modeling & simulation, data analysis, and infectious disease. She is a Princeton PhD Candidate in Quantitative Biology 2008 to present; she is an MIT alumna receiving a Bachelor of Science Chemistry in 2005 and a Bachelor of Science Physics in 2006; and since the June of 2012 she has been part of the Boston community of volunteers at Partners In Health, an organization which supports and provides basic medical care as well as infectious and chronic disease specialization to poor and remote populations in ten different countries including Haiti and Boston. This show is her public choreographic debut. She also has recreational experience in music (mainly classical guitar, mandolin, and harmonica), stage lighting, creative and analytical writing, and most recently the art of spoken word.

Martin Case
(Composer, Musician)

Martin Case is a composer, producer, and performing musician. In addition to creating music for concert, dance, film and other multi-media experiences, both live and in the studio, Martin has composed and produced numerous albums, conveying a modern production style with deeply rooted musical references from around the globe. In creating music for dance, Martin's client list includes the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, MIT, the Mark Morris Dance Group, the Paul Taylor Dance Company, and Prometheus Dance. Martin's production work has created numerous albums with artists such as Zieti and Dwight Graves. His expertise with music technologies has gained him international consulting work with McGraw-Hill, and his multi-media/film works have partnered him with Patriot Entertainment, Bija Bennett Productions and Tse Tse Fly Productions. His present performing ensemble, Martin Case and The Lee, can be heard on their website. The enduring theme of Martin's work is to honor the musician's function to create sacred sonic space for meditation, now/no-thought, and sensuous enjoyment. These electro-acoustic hybrids offer acoustic experiences with cutting edge production value. The nature of this work has taken Martin to the Middle East, West Africa, South America, Europe, and Asia. In Boston, Martin graduated from Berklee College of Music, and presently creates music for Boston Ballet, Harvard University, and the Boston Conservatory.

Rebecca Rice

Artistic Director of REBECCA RICE DANCE. Rebecca Rice is an award winning choreographer and respected teacher in the Boston community. She taught modern dance and creative process at the Boston Ballet for almost 20 years and created numerous works on BBII as well as organized Boston Balletís first choreography workshops, ďStudio 7 @ Boston Ballet.Ē. She developed modern and choreography programs at MIT, Winsor and the Dana Hall School and was artist-in-residence at Green Street Studios during the summer of 2007. She performed her own dance work in France, Scotland and throughout the United States, receiving many awards and grants including a grant in 2007 from the MIT Office of the Arts. In August 2004, her company, Rebecca Rice Dance, was invited to perform at the Inside Out Series of the Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival and in May 2006 her group premiered in the ďBank of America Celebrity SeriesĒ a new work composed by John Harbison especially for her group. In 2009 Rebecca Rice Dance was invited to perform with Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pop's at Symphony Hall as part of the Ballet Russes Celebration. She has collaborated with other major artists as such as Martin Cooper, Vice-President Burberry's NYC and London (Altis Ballet), Grayson Hugh (Crosscurrents), Emmanuel Feldman (Terra Mystique), Elena Ruehr (Echoes), Andrew List (En Closures) and John Harbison (Stratas, Shortstories). Rebecca Rice Dance debuted in NYC in 2006 being the ďeditors picksĒ in both the Village Voice and the New York Times and recently presented her work at the the Merce Cunningham Studio Theater, premiering three works. Gus Solomans, Jr. of "GUS SOLOMANS SAYS" wrote Rebecca Rice is "Ö one of Boston's esteemed dance makers" with "Ö solid choreographic craft". In August 2011, Rebecca Rice traveled to Kazakhstan as a "Cultural Envoy", invited by the United States State Department and the US Embassy. She set "Uplift", a new choreographic work on the "Samruk" contemporary dance company in Almaty as well as performed cultural outreach with Anna Winestein and the Ballet Russes Foundation of Boston, MA.

Dario Ghersi
(Musician, Arranger)

Holding an M.D. from Genova University in Italy & a Ph.D. from NYU, Dario is a postdoctoral researcher in Bioinformatics at Princeton University and a professional-level musician and contemporary arranger of classical & jazz standards. His instruments include acoustic mandolin, electric mandolin, electric bass guitar, and electronic music software.

Artists collaboration
(Set & Props Design)

The set & props were designed through a collaboration between artists & engineers including Dan Y. Marshall, David A. Sheen, Donna at Kim's Fashion Design, and Yael E. Marshall. Boston University student Sarah Epstein will also be joining and supporting all the artists during the shows through speech, acting, props, and sound management. Our final show will also have a fundraising bake sale by professional dessert baker Catherine Deutsch!

Kim Pham of Kimís Fashion Design
(Fashion/Costume Designer)

Kimís Fashion Design has been an important feature of Bostonís Asian and Western fashion for many years. It currently resides in the Copley Place Mall. Step into Kimís Copley Place store, and youíre immediately engulfed in a rainbow of rich silks and oriental luxury. What sets Kimís apart from other couture shops is not just the value, but the time, energy and personal touch Kim puts into each of her pieces. Kimís Fashion Design started in 1990 in Chinatown of Boston. The humble store started out mainly selling and designing mostly Asian clothing has evolved into high couture fashion. Customers have unlimited freedom in their designs of clothing. Customers of all shapes and sizes, men or women can find anything to fit them. Kim will make all your designs come into real life. You can truly have an outfit that no one else in this world has. If you cannot pick a design, Kim will consult with you and design an outfit for your very own. If you need anything to complete your outfit such as scarves, shawls, sash, handbags, obi belts, and matching shoes. We can customize anything for you. Kimís location in upscale Copley Place Mall opened in 2002. New trendy designs tops, jackets, dresses, and gowns with a little Asian influence make up the couture collection. Kim has participated in many different fashion shows in Boston. Kimís Fashion Design is arguably the best design and custom clothing shop in Boston.

Kim Phamís story begins far away in Can Tho, Vietnam. She grew up the second youngest of 10 siblings. Although the family had very little, all the siblings were blessed with the talent to sew. Kim grew up an apprentice for all her older siblings while they ran their flourishing family business of tailoring and fashion design. At its peak, the famous Hiep Thanh Tailoring Shop employed 35 employees. Kim met her husband, Minh, while working in Can Tho. After the Vietnam War everything changed for the worse. After serving 5 years as prisoner of war, Kimís husband fled to America in the first boat. She continued working hard as a designer making more connections to leave Vietnam with the hope of joining Minh to start a clothing store in America. She arranged 3 ships to flee Vietnam with about 500 people. People in her 3 boats now live all around the world in United States, Europe, and Australia. Kim escaped Vietnam on the last boat holder over 130 with her son. Kimís dream began in Brighton with a dry cleaning and tailoring shop then after 2 years she moved to Chinatown of Boston. With her store now in Copley Place, she has served high-profile clients like Yo-Yo Maís Boston Symphony Orchestra, and The Preservation Society of Newport. Kim hopes to one day make her name a household name as a designer.


City of Boston's Michael Francis Cahill Fund

Johnson Paint Company of Newbury Street in Boston

The Leather Shop at Faneuil Hall in Boston (1 Faneuil Hall Sq)

Greetings From Boston Inc. at Faneuil Hall in Boston (1 Faneuil Hall Sq)

Brookline Booksmith of Coolidge Corner in Brookline

More info on what shows & donations support

Casa Myrna provides Bostonís most comprehensive range of programs to address and end domestic and dating violence. It operates the Massachusetts statewide 24/7 toll-free domestic violence hotline called Safelink. It also provides emergency shelters, residential programs, family services, individual advocacy and counseling services, education and outreach to communities and schools, and public awareness campaigns. For more information, visit

The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC) is the only rape crisis center in the Greater Boston area and the oldest and largest center in Massachusetts. Our vision is to end sexual violence through healing and social change. BARCC was founded in 1973 by a group of people dedicated to building a hotline to answer calls from rape survivors. Today, we are national leaders in providing comprehensive, free services including a 24-hour hotline, 24-hour medical advocacy, individual and group counseling, and legal advocacy. We also provide community awareness and prevention services through partnerships and training with organizations and communities. For more information, visit

Finally, our shows uses dance, music, fashion, and spoken word to express support for victims of domestic violence, rape, and stalking and to advocate for their legal protection through the Violence Against Women Act (abbreviated VAWA). Using spoken word, we educate audiences about VAWA, the history of Congressional support and recent Congressional debate about VAWA, and how we can all advocate for a VAWA which protects all victims through expert legislation and funding.

Suggested Donations Online, by Mail, or at South End Fundraiser Show

Suggested $5 Seniors 55+, $10 Students, $20 General

30% Donations Plus Profit Beyond Advocacy Show Costs goes Directly to Boston Area Victims Services (split evenly between Boston Area Rape Crisis Center & Casa Myrna including Safelink).

Contact Info

For questions & Inquiries, contact us through E-Mail at

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