BCCA Sept. 21 Entertainment License Hearing: Please show your support of the BCCA!
Brookline Community Center for the Arts
Entertainment License Hearing:
September 21st
  Please come show your support this Tuesday! September 17, 2004  

Entertainment License Hearing

Two important ways to help:

Continued Support:

Entertainment License Hearing

Tuesday, September 21st
8:50 p.m.*

Brookline Town Hall
333 Washington Street
6th Floor at Selectmen's Hearing Room

*If attending, please arrive early at 8:15 p.m.

   Dear Community Friends,

This Tuesday, there is an easy way for you to show your support of the BCCA and its offerings.

The BCCA's Entertainment License (recently taken off its evaluation period and deemed renewable on an annual basis), which defines the scope and limitations of events that are allowed to occur at the center, is up for review for possible relaxation of some of its requirements. We need the support of our neighbors and patrons, particularly those from Brookline, to appear at the hearing to speak to the importance of our events to this community and to the Greater Boston area.

The BCCA's main objectives for the hearing are as follows:

1. Express the importance and value of our event offerings to the community.

2. Lessen police detail requirements for evening events. Currently a police detail (~$150 minimum) is required for each event with an expected 100-person or more count. This has not only been costly, but has resulted in losses and highly diminished profits, and deterred many from holding events at the BCCA. We ask that, given our great track record (almost no disturbances since our inception) and our constant improvements in event management, this requirement be restricted to certain types of events and for those with over 150 participants.

3. Extend hours of operation by one hour each day (to: Sun. - Wed. till 12 a.m., Thu. till 1 a.m., & Fri. - Sat. till 2 a.m.) and allow occasional leeway for special events. This is important for us to keep our Greater Boston attendance (which diminished greatly after our weekend hours were cut to from 2 to 1 a.m.), increase the diversity of our event offerings, be able to better manage and control the events, and for general flexibility, especially since these events have been and would be alcohol-free and family oriented. If we are granted the ability to stay open till 2 a.m. on a Saturday, for instance, it will allow us to end an event at 1 or 1:30, yet still have adequate time to quietly and carefully disperse our patrons, especially those departing in groups.

4. Clarify, once and for all, our position on serving alcoholic beverages. Namely, until we were advised by the Board of Selectmen to consider applying for a permanent alcohol license, we had occasionally asked for temporary licenses for special events. When advised as such last summer, we agreed to apply for a permanent license, not knowing the scope of the application process and the repercussions it would have upon our image. Shortly after enlisting the services of a prominent lawyer to handle our application, we decided to put the process on hold until if and when a true necessity arose for such a license, and the community felt comfortable with our decision as well. We have not held any public events since August of 2003, where alcohol was served (via a temporary license). The temporary license for this weekend's private benefit event at the BCCA is the first we have applied for since August of 2003 (that's less than one license this year!). We view ourselves as an important all-ages venue and as such we do not intend at this point in time to apply for more than the occasional temporary alcohol license, and hope that this statement helps to clarify our position as a community center rather than a club.

5. Address any unresolved concerns that community members or officials may have. We have already addressed and rectified concerns raised from the previous Entertainment license hearing and will continue to endeavor to increase the quality of our management and services.

Achieving these objectives is essential to upholding the BCCA's mission as a safe, cultural, and artistic environment where people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities can make positive connections -- day or night.

The Town of Brookline needs to hear from you, the community members, that you are behind us in support of this mission.

  • Two important ways to help:
  •   1. Attend the hearing: Tuesday, September 21st, 8:50 p.m. (Please arrive by 8:15 p.m. if possible.)
    Your presence alone will show your support. We also need local patrons to give short testimonies about the events you've attended and the services that the BCCA provides in this capacity. It is especially important that you attend if you have participated in evening or late-night events, are a Brookline resident, or travel from far away to attend our events.

    2. Write letters of support
    Can't attend? You can still show your support by addressing the above concerns in writing, via e-mail or postal mail.
    Letters may be sent to Dan Y. Marshall or dropped off at the BCCA (14 Green Street, Brookline 02446), or e-mailed here. Letters and e-mails received by Tuesday morning (Sept. 21) can be used to demonstrate support at the hearing that evening.

  • Continued Support:
  •   As always, we deeply appreciate your continued support of the BCCA. For details about other ways you can help, please stay tuned for the next BCCA Organizational Update newsletter.

    Thank you, and we hope to see a good turnout this Tuesday!

    P.S.: Be sure to check out our fantastic lineup of classes and events this Fall!

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