BCCA Organization Update
Brookline Community Center for the Arts
BCCA Organization Update
  Whatever Your Heart Desires! January 27, 2004  

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Current Fundraising Goal

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We Want to Own Our Building

Plans for Fundraising Campaign

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Current Fundraising Goal

We are still trying to catch up on on our bills because of the slow month in December. And as you know, there have been record low temperatures, Just think of all the energy it takes to keep 8,000 square feet of studio space warm for dancers (as important for safety as it is for comfort)!

January has been our busiest month ever, but our goal is nothing short of starting a new month from a clean slate. If January revenue is any indication, then our future monthly revenue should cover our monthly expenses. For a new non-profit business startup less than a year old to reach such a break even point, that is nothing short of phenomenal!

To achieve this, the BCCA needs your help. Our goal is to raise $20,0000. This amount pays all of our outstanding bills, back salary payments to instructors and staff, quarterly property tax, etc.

Our goal is to reach a level of financial sustainability. As you may know, a shortage of capital is one of the primary reason why most business startups fail. The winter session is off to a great and we feel we are just starting to turn the corner. To do so, we continue to rely on your support.

   Dear Community Friends,

It is amazing to think that we are only a few months away from our first year anniversary. We have accomplished so much, but we would never have made it this far without your support. BCCA is growing quickly. Throughout all the changes, we are committed to bringing you quality and excellence in our programming and services.

This new newsletter has the purpose of bringing you timely information on our organizational challenges, goals, and triumphs. I hope you enjoy the format and I welcome any feedback.

  • How You Can Help
  •   Sponsorship is an excellent way to earmark your contribution towards something of significant benefit to the BCCA. For example, there is tremendous value and cost savings for BCCA to own its own copier. Please view our complete list of sponsorship opportunities.

    There are numerous other ways you can help. Make a donation. Forward this e-mail to a caring friend (see link at bottom of newsletter). Take our classes. Attend one of our upcoming events. Buy a pass. Rent our beautiful facility for your private social event or meeting.

    The BCCA is a charitable 180 non-profit organization. We have recently submitted our final paperwork to receive our 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, which we expect to have within a few weeks. For now, if you would like your donation to be tax exempt, please mention it to us and we'll process the contribution through one of our fiscal agents.

    Make a Donation

  • We Want to Own Our Building
  •   The BCCA's long-term security is best assured with ownership of the building we have worked so hard to renovate.

    We are actively seeking real estate investors, developers, or philanthropist-minded individuals or foundations who could financially assist us with the building purchase. The possibility exists for a rare opportunity to own premium commercial property in Coolidge Corner, the commercial center of Brookline.

    Our target date for buying the 14 Green Street property is June 2003. Please submit any referrals to Vlad Selsky, Director of Development.

    BCCA Location Map

  • Plans for Fundraising Campaign
  •   Many brand new arts and community centers are financed through an initial fundraising campaign that can last several years. The BCCA started along a very different path. However, we are still reliant on support from our community.

    We are in the process of preparing for our first fundraising campaign, but to do so a few key ingredients still need to be in place. Primarily, we are seeking people with fundraising experience, time, and commitment to help the BCCA.

    Fundraising Consultant - Work with the Director of Development and Fundraising Chairs to formulate a fundraising strategy and help meet our fundraising objectives.

    Fundraising Chairs - One or two persons who can supervise a fundraising committee. Fundraising experience and knowledge of Brookline is preferable but not required.

    Fundraising Committee Members - Individuals who can help raise funds from multiple sources (fundraising campaign, grants, benefits, corporate sponsorship, etc.)

    Please notify Vlad Selsky with any referrals. Thank you!

  • We Need Volunteers
  •   The BCCA is always in need of reception volunteers to greet our customers and help them to their classes. This is a fun way to help the BCCA, make some new friends, and sample free classes in return!

    We are also looking for people to help distribute each session's course catalogs. Please help us get the word out.

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