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BCCA Organization Update
   May 19, 2004  

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Urgent Need to Purchase Our Building

Join Fundraising Committee

BCCA is currently seeking Board nominations

Sponsorship Opportunities

Community Forum Invitation - June 13

   Dear Friends of the Arts,

Now that BCCA has passed over its one year anniversary milestone, we can look back over the tremendous progress the young organization has made in such a short time and look ahead to many more improvements in the upcoming year.

This newsletter highlights some of BCCA's development goals, many of which are dependent on your involvement and support.

I would also like to update you on a rapidly developing situation involving an immediate need for the purchase of our building. We are actively engaged in mitigating the risk, but to preserve our future, BCCA is urgently calling on your help!

  • Urgent Need to Purchase Our Building
  •   The BCCA has been placed in a precarious position where our building needs to be purchased by July 2004, or face a monthly rent deficit with some dire consequences.

    Overview of the unfolding situation and how you can help.

  • Join Fundraising Committee
  •   We've been in close contact with the IRS and expect to have our 501(c)(3) status approved within a few weeks!

    The BCCA is now in position to launch a critical fundraising campaign, and we need help in making this campaign as successful as possible. We are actively seeking individuals to join our fundraising committee. This is an excellent opportunity to directly contribute to the long term financial stability of the BCCA and make a far reaching impact on the community. A good network of contacts, community activism, and/or fundraising experience, are desirable but not required. Most important is a commitment to the BCCA and faith in our mission. To inquire, please contact Vlad Selsky: vlad@bccaonline.c om, 617-233-4647.

  • BCCA is currently seeking Board nominations
  •   The BCCA is focused on developing an active Board, a very high priority in BCCA's current stage of organizational development.

    Serving on our Board is an exciting opportunity to make a tremendous difference in the success and future direction of the BCCA.

    More information & how to apply

  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  •   Signficant sponsorship opportunities are available. Just think about the truly amazing gifts you can make, whether by advertising your business in our course catalog, enabling the repair of our air conditioning system just in time for summer, or purchase lockers for our dressing rooms as part of our beautification efforts to repaint, decorate, and finish remodeling.

    Partial list of sponsorship opportunities

  • Community Forum Invitation - June 13
  •   You are invited to attend an information session where we will be happy to answer any questions on our rent situation, joining our fundraising committee, etc.
    Sunday June 13, 4:30 - 5:30, at the BCCA

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    phone: 617-233-4647

    Brookline Community Center for the Arts · 14 Green Street · Brookline · MA · 02446

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