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BCCA Faculty Newsletter
   August 28, 2004  

Next Week's Renovations & Schedule Changes

Open House Week (September 7th-13th)

Upcoming BCCA Performance at a Coolidge Corner Theatre Benefit

A great new feature at BCCA: Brookline Copy Center for the Arts?

   Dear Faculty Members,

This is just a quick update to our beloved instructors about what's going on here at the BCCA. We've got a monster of a semester coming up, as well as a week of renovation. Please read on so that you're up to date, and stay tuned for our regular, monthly newsletter early next week.

We also want to extend our thanks to all of you who made this summer a huge success. Our Summer Arts Program was a blast, and we were happy to welcome many new instructors to our faculty line-up.

  • Next Week's Renovations & Schedule Changes
  •   We will be refinishing our studio floors and repairing mirrors early next week (Mon-Thurs). The main purpose of these renovations is to render the floors more usable for ballet, jazz, and modern dance, which require a less slippery surface. The floors will remain tough and springy to accomodate all other styles of dance and movement.

    Due to these renovations and the end of the Summer session this Sunday, we would like to confirm next week's reduced schedule. The following is a list of all of the courses, rehearsals, and events that are currently scheduled for Monday (8/30) through Thursday (9/2).

    Monday, August 30th
    Yoga Stretch with Saskia Meckman
    Beginner Salsa with Johnny and Kelly
    Hip Hop: Adrenaline with Sharon and Rommel

    Wednesday, September 1st
    Tap Dance Master Class with Aaron Tolson (6:30 class only)
    Open Mic for Musicians and Poets with Sandi Hammond

    Thursday, September 2nd
    Irish Dance with Kieran Jordan (6:00 and 7:30 classes)
    Jam'nastics Private Rehearsal

    Our online schedule reflects all of these changes. If you have any questions about this week's classes or studio availability, please call Dan at (617) 970-1444. We hope you enjoy this week's break and return with renewed energy for the Fall session.

  • Open House Week (September 7th-13th)
  •   With your help, we have put together yet another "biggest course schedule ever", and we will kick off the Fall session and the BCCA Open House Week on Tuesday, September 7th (day after Labor Day). As most of you know, the Open House Week is a time in which we'd like to showcase our incredible offerings and get students hooked on our classes. For this reason, we encourage instructors to offer a free class and/or demo during Open House Week to really push for volume on the first class. The BCCA provides incentives for pre-registration during the first week, also, which means more reliable registration for our teachers. If he hasn't already, Dan will be confirming details about fall courses within the next day.

    This semester, we also want everyone to make a greater effort to distribute our course catalogs. We'd like all of our students, event patrons, and instructors to take catalogs with them to be given to friends, neighbors, etc. The BCCA is still in a key growth period, and we need to continue to spread the word about all of the amazing things happening here.

  • Upcoming BCCA Performance at a Coolidge Corner Theatre Benefit
  •   The Coolidge Corner Theatre, an independent theatre right across Harvard from the BCCA, will be having benefit performances for children on the weekend of October 9th and 10th. Joe Zina, the Executive Director of the Coolidge, has invited the BCCA to present at least one five-minute performance on each day (Saturday and Sunday). The audience for these performances will be families with children, ages 3 to 12. If you and/or your students are interested in performing at this event, please e-mail Emily with a brief description of what you would like to perform. This is a great opportunity to give back to our community and appeal directly to Brookline families.

  • A great new feature at BCCA: Brookline Copy Center for the Arts?
  •   The BCCA is the proud parent of a new high-speed, professional printer, copier, and scanner machine. Now, artists will be able to produce quality, cost-effective promotional materials to take their publicity to the next level without spending excessive funds. For starters, B&W copies/prints will cost 6 cents and color copies/prints will cost 25 cents (8.5x11in).

    And...as soon as we reach our goal of 60,000 B&W and 24,000 color copies, we will be able to significantly reduce to the price per copy. Stay tuned for a complete description of the current features and rates.

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